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About CaleaMaritime ApS

Calea Maritime was founded by Ole Thalund, who has more than 25 years experience in shipping on a worldwide basis, and prior to this experience from the Danish merchant marine.

Over the years we have established close cooperation with a wide range of ship owners, marine surveyors, naval architects, shipyards, shipbuilders and maritime lawyers and enjoy a both broad overview and deep insight into the various types of contemporary and historic ships, their usage and availability world wide.

Over the years Ole Thalund has nurtured and developed a set of unique services to the international salvage industry, locating and providing the right ship at the right time, every time.

We now provide a similar service to the international film and TV industry, building on the same successful concept and applying our knowledge and experience.

Finding you the right ship at the right time and having a professional, maritime access to port and maritime authorities all over the world, we help you obtain operational efficiencies and a smooth and faster maritime film operation over all.

In addition to Ole Thalund being an examined shipbroker, we are also members of the Danish Shipbrokers� Association and have been awarded the FONASBA Quality Standard.

We look forward to serving you.